Friday, February 27, 2009

Babydoll Southdown Sheep

4/21/09 Update: This is not a purebred Babydoll Southdown. Read the comments on this post to learn more about them.
Today's photo is of our Babydoll Southdown Ram that I spoke of in the last post. He is cute but unpredictable. One minute he charges me, and the next minute he wants to crawl into my lap. This photo doesn't show how adorable he really is.
The wool of the Babydoll Southdown sheep is very soft. The softness is determined, in part, by the diameter of each piece of wool. These sheep have very fine wool, measuring 19-22 microns (a micron is 1/1000 of a mm). As small as that is, there are a few fibers even smaller and softer, including cashmere and angora.

He is our only BS sheep. I purchased him at an auction because he was "cute and cheap". I don't regret getting him, but I don't recommend the "cute and cheap" impulse purchases of animals. Do your research and know what you are getting into!


  1. He is a cute sheep, but he's not a purebred Babydoll because he has horns. Was he registered?

  2. Thanks for the note. No he's not registered. He was an impulse purchase at an exotic animal auction.

    Are Southdowns naturally polled? If we decide to start breeding them we will purchase registered stock. Do you breed them?

  3. First of all, how tall is he? He should only be 22 - 24 inches at the shoulder. If he's not that tall, he is most definately not a Babydoll Southdown - nor is he an American Southdown. His head is too long, and he has horns - a BIG disqualifacation in Babydolls. He also doesn't have a wooly face, which is what Babydolls are known for, as well as their smile - hiz muzzle (mouth) should be wide so it looks like he's smiling. His wool also does NOT look like a Southdown''s too long and "stringy" looking. Babydolls also do not have open legs.

    All varieties are naturally polled. YOU probably should've done your research before claiming he was a babydoll.

    My neighbor has Babydolls and Babydoll crosses. This is the ram he bought to sire the 2009 lambs.

  4. (In continuation...) I also have a 1/2 Babydoll 1/2 Montadale ewe and then her three single and a set of twins...all are 3/4 babydoll and 1/4 montadale.

  5. Anon - Yes, I should have researched Babydoll Southdowns more before I posted this. I just took the word of the guys at the auction. I updated the post with a note explaining he is not purebred.

  6. Looks kind of like a shetland sheep to me, which have nice wool for spinning.

  7. Yes, the consensus seems to be that he is a shetland cross. Whatever he is, I love him!

    We sheared him about 2 months ago but I have not had a chance to spin any of his fleece yet. I just sent a sample of his wool to a lab to find out exactly how soft it is. I am anxiously awaiting the results.